Comegnio Lawyers keeps its traditional actuation in public law, with specialization in taxing law, in the interest of its clients, at judicial and administrative area , including the Taxpayers and Taxes and Fees Tribunal Councils , marking , along its trajectory, important conquers in the defense of the taxpayers'  rights in the Country.
   Our activities comprise the realization of juridical services in the advisory and litigation spheres, before the three levels of the Federation - Municipal, State and Federal . It is distinguished in the elaboration of taxing planning, both for the incorporation as to the development of the commercial society's activities, considering, even, the possibilities of regional taxing benefits utilization.
   Comegnio develops juridical thesis, elaborates opinions, and issue legal opinions on the most different themes of the civil taxing and procedural law, comprising the totality of the national taxes, among which we have experts, in our team, in income tax, industrial products tax, import and export taxes, service tax, value-added tax on sales, social contributions, PIS-COFINS-Billing, PIS-COFINS-Import, and others.
   Our office also acts in judicial and administrative Agreements, Tenders, Free Market  Defense, and Economic Law.